Duomo (Cathedral)

In the heart of Piazza del Duomo emerges the striking and elegant Church of Santa Maria Novella, an Italian masterwork representing the genius architecture of Arnolfo Di Cambio.
Both Giotto and Francesco Talenti worked on the Cathedral, with the latter partially altering Arnolfo's initial design.
The Giotto Bell, located to the side of the cathedral, is in a rather unusual position to highlight its importance. It is 84m tall, with progressively less complex shapes to accommodate the two and three-light windows. The bell is entirely covered in white, green and pink multi-coloured marble.
Completing the striking structure is the daring Brunelleschi Dome, an ambitious design with innovative techniques, undoubtedly used to reflect the Manifesto of the Italian Renaissance.
The dome arches strikingly over the Cathedral, also dominating the Piazza, the city and the entire plane, visible from numerous locations in the surrounding hills, even from a considerable distance.

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